Wiretap 3.08 - 220V Robotic Conference

With presentations by Karin Spaink (NL), Joseph Michael (UK) and Chico MacMurtrie (US) from Amorphic Robot Works.

Wiretap 3.08 - 220V Robotic Conference

220v poster

Aug 1997
12:00 to 15:30
location: De Kade, Hoornbrekerstraat 81, Rotterdam

In general the robot is considered a machine that either has human features and resemblance or that stands in a factory constructing cars. Possibly the Mars robot Sojourner has changed this image a little. Not many people know that robots are not necessary just mechanical, robots can also be software active in computer networks. Also, on a molecular scale, robots are being developed that can be used to perform task within the human body.

Technology and biology, machines and bodies, apparatuses and organisms are increasingly merging. Human and animal bodies are turned into cyborgs, and machines learn to behave like living systems. Every day we are confronted with new, incredible steps in the convergence of man and machine.

Three people have been invited to speak about the development within the field of robotics from different viewpoints:

Karin Spaink has written the introductory essay for the Dutch translation of the Cyborg Manifesto by Donna Haraway (US). She will criticize widely held ideas on the cyborgs, and explain that cyborgs are just ordinary people after all. She will discuss the construction of identity in relation to the cyborg.

Joseph Michael is a scientist and researcher at Robodyne Cybernetics in London, a company that creates robots using "fractal technology." This revolutionary research is beyond imagination. Joseph Michael will demonstrate the principle of his "Fractal Shape Changing Robots" with a prototype.

Chico MacMurtrie is the initiator of Amorphic Robot Works and active as a robotics artist for over 15 years. He will use his works to tackle questions central to the theme of this conference - the interrelation between robotics, art and human experience.


220V Robotics is part of a series of presentations on artists initiatives by De Kade in Rotterdam.

220V has been made possible with support of Stichting Rotterdam Festivals, Rotterdam Arts Council, Anjer Fonds Rotterdam, Stichting Cultuurfonds Bank Nederlandse Gemeenten, Ministerie van OCenW and De Kade.

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