Wiretap 4.01 - Cinema without Walls

A program included in the Exploding Cinema exhibition of the IFFR98 about interactive cinema, with Michael Naimark (USA), Toni Dove (USA), Gloria Davenport (USA), Simon Penny (AUS), Diller & Scofidio (USA), moderated by John Wyver (GB).

Wiretap 4.01 - Cinema without Walls

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Feb 1998
13:00 to 17:00
location: Lantaren/Venster, Gouvernestraat 133, Rotterdam

The greatest strength of cinema might be the way in which it can impose its temporal structure onto the public, and the way in which montage and narrative structure force the viewer into giving up his or her active engagement with the events. In contrast, interactive narrative environments seek to combine these characteristics of cinema with more open structures and a communicative relation with the public. The new generation of computer games like Blade Runner and Riven are further examples for this trend.

During the Wiretap 4.01 program, Michael Naimark presented Be Now Here (Welcome To The Neighborhood), Toni Dove presented Artificial Changelings. These works were included in the Exploding Cinema exhibition and the artists talked about their interest in interactive cinema. Simon Penny presented The Fugitive and Diller & Scofidio Indigestion.

Gloria Davenport presented The Dream Machine, a project of the Interactive Cinema Group at the MIT Media Lab in Boston. Dream Machine is a distributed, interactive narrative designed to engage a large, widely dispersed society of audience. It uses the techniques of cinema, theater, and architectural space design to improvisational craft a playful, lyrical, emergent story experience in close collaboration with its society of co-actors. The Dream Machine's presence simultaneously spans several venues in both the real and the story world: it is accessible through the correlated, distributed environments of the World Wide Web, live-performance Public Spaces, and pager networks. (The Dream Machine was part of the "Medialab and Internet" program of the Film Festival.)


Nederlands / Dutch text

Wiretap 4.01 staat in het kader van het Internationaal Film Festival Rotterdam en speciaal hierin het onderdeel Exploding Cinema. Exploding Cinema richt zich op die ontwikkelingen waar cinema zich verbindt met nieuwe media en andere kunstdisciplines. Wiretap 4.01 sluit nauw aan bij de expositie Cinema without Walls met daarin drie interactieve kunstwerken met een sterke cinematografische ervaring. Deze expositie is een samenwerking tussen V2_ en het Internationaal Film Festival Rotterdam en te zien in het pand van V2_ van donderdag 29 januari t/m zaterdag 7 februari.

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