Wiretap 4.04 - ParaSounds 2

Wiretap 4.04 was part of the ParaSounds series, part 2 explored Sounds of Silence.

Wiretap 4.04 - ParaSounds 2

Joyce Hinterding: Aeriology

Apr 1998
12:00 to 15:00

We experience silence when our ears don't hear anything. But there is no reason to believe that there are no sounds in silence. Machines are less limited in this. They can be pitched to pick up all sorts of waves and sounds and to transform them and make them audible for the human ear. Artists and scientists use all sorts of apparatuses in order to research the aesthetical and the physical dimensions of the so called "silence" and "white noise" and to make them perceivable to the human senses.



17 April 1998, 18.00hrs: opening exhibition Aeriology

18 April - 2 May 1998, daily (monday closed) 13 - 18.00hrs: exhibition of Joyce Hinterding's installation Aeriology

19 April 1998, 14 - 17.00hrs: Wiretap 4.04 with the Wardenclyffe Project, a performance by Projekt Atol/Rastermusic and a presentation by Marko Peljhan on the Makrolab project presented earlier at the documenta X in Kassel.



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