Wiretap 4.11 - The Art of the Accident

This month the Wiretap was dedicated to the theme of the festival: 'The Art of the Accident'. It was the conclusive program of DEAF98 where there was room for presentations and performances.

Nov 1998
13:00 to 16:30
location: Theater Bonheur, Eendrachtsstraat 79/81, Rotterdam

With: Access all Accidents, a lecture performance by Ed van Megen / Association of Strategic Accidents (NL/D); BitPlane and other BIT products - Live Wire, Voiceboxes, Suicide Box, a presentation and live-video conference from the Bureau of Inverse Technology (US), and Mutant Data Orchestra, a sound performance by John Bain (US), in collaboration with Mark Bain.

Ed van Megen is a member of the Association for Strategic Accidents. He presented a project called Access All Accidents. He did this in an almost analogue manner. Hiding behind a screen he talked about the reasons the ASA was founded and about previous projects, using a Mac to display (moving) images and text. When he put on some music during his speech the feeling of watching a documentary was complete. Ed van Megen provided the voice-over, on the big screen the images were projected and the music accompanied the voice-over. However, the projects he talked about were very interesting. One of them was a campaign the ASA did a few years ago, called Der Katalog ist da! in which they presented adventurous and risky holidays in an ironical, almost morbid way. You could for instance book a vacation in beautiful Bosnia "where bombs and snipers are a seductive part of the scenery."

Natalie Jeremijenko is a technician for the Bureau of Inverse Technology and has created and patented several inventions for the Bureau. One of them is called the Live Wire and should hang in every webmasters office so they will get less complaints of people who have to wait long when they are surfing the Internet. The Live Wire indicates the traffic on the www: if it's quiet the line hangs still on the ceiling but if it's busy it wiggles and moves tremendously.

The end of the program was for the twin (or 'clones' as they call it) John and Mark Bain. They gave a live performance of the Mutant Data Orchestra. They use digital answering machines and toys, rewire them and amplify the sounds that the machines make. This leads to a hell of a noise, as John Bain puts it, and that is true. It is better to both watch and hear the performance so you see the improvisation techniques of the two brothers and how alert they react to the sounds (accidents?) that are produced by the machines. With this performance the provided the perfect ending to a festival with the title 'The Art of the Accident', most obviously when they burned the fuses with their musical exhibition!

Wiretap is a series of monthly programmes in which V2_ presents new projects, lectures and performances. The DEAF98 Wiretap attempted to draw a conclusion from the festival and outlined the creative potentials of the 'ars accidentalis'. 

report by Friso Hermsen

Wiretap 4.11 (1998) from V2_ on Vimeo.

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