Wiretap 5.08 - Distributed Vibes

On sound art on/over the internet, with a tele-lecture by Howard Slater (UK), presentations by Kodwo Eshun (UK) and Edwin van der Heide (NL), and a live-networked performance by the Sensorband.

Wiretap 5.08 - Distributed Vibes

Wiretap 5.08: flyer

Sep 1999
18:30 to 21:30
location: V2_, Eendrachtsstraat 10, Rotterdam

One of the most exciting current developments in the field of media art is the discovery of the Internet by sound artists. Projects are not only broadcast via the Net, but the Net is simultaneously the instrument, distribution channel and means of communication through which international co-operations are being realised. The Wiretap 5.08 programme explored this development through presentations and live performances.

An experimental evening about sound art and electronic networks.

There was a lecture about Post-media Operators by Howard Slater - whose body was physically absent while his voice was technologically present - in which Slater talked about the new conditions of artistic productions. In post-media, the verticality of the mass media has been replaced by the horizontality of digital, networked environments where a growing number of artists have access to the means of production, co-operation and distribution.

Kodwo Eshun, music theorist and author of Post'More Brilliant Than the Sun: Adventures in Sonic Fiction, presented recent developments in the field of electronic music and network technology. Eshun elaborated on the inter-relations of technological and aesthetical paradigms in popular music. His presentation was supported by contributions of DJ Sir Djuke and VJ Phonk.

The second part of the evening featured a presentation and live-performance by the Sensorband for which they made use of oscillators and the Net. Edwin van der Heide performed live in the V2_Building, while Atau Tanaka and Zbigniew Karkowski contributed to the performance from another location, linked to the V2_Building by an Internet connection. The communication between the members of the Sensorband and video images of the performers could be followed on a video projection.


20.30 - lecture Howard Slater/UK - Post-media Operators
21.00 - presentation Kodwo Eshun/UK + DJ Sir Djuke and VJ Phonk
22.15 - presentation Edwin van der Heide/NL
22.30 - concert Sensorband: Area/Pulse
23.15 - DJ Sir Djuke and VJ Phonk

During and after the programme there was an opportunity to check out selected online audio interfaces and projects on several computer terminals.



ORANG (Open Radio Archive Network Group)

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