Wiretap 5.13 - Story-boards for Interactive Media

This edition - during IFFR - dealt with the construction of narrative and interactivity in media art projects. With David Blair (US/F), Martin Berghammer (D), and Ron Kuivila (US), moderated by Tanja den Broeder (NL).

Wiretap 5.13 - Story-boards for Interactive Media

Wiretap 5.13 flyer detail

Jan 2000
13:00 to 17:00
location: V2_, Eendrachtsstraat 10, Rotterdam

Interactive films, electronic music or computer games no longer have a fixed, linear narrative, but they offer the user the possibility to constructing their own stories, their own works from the digital material.

Notation determines the outcome of a performance in the more traditional art forms, like in classical music composition or the story-board in film-making. Here, notation provides a rather strict rule for the realisation of the art work. In non-linear media, notation has to strike the right balance between the freedom of the user to choose a path through the material, and the need, or the desire of the artist, to convey a certain story, or to construct an exciting narrative. The question arises, how much narrative should be scripted into an interactive environment, and how much freedom the user of such environments has to perform? How can a fruitful instability be introduced into such programmes? The Wiretap programme looked at the role that direction, chance, subjective decisions and social relations play in digital performance spaces. It explored new forms of notation and interactional scores which guide and motivate action and interaction in multi-medial environments.

During the International Film Festival Rotterdam and as part of the Exploding Cinema programma, V2_ presented the Dutch premier exhibition of the interactive multi-user installation Happy Doomsday! by Calin Dan (RO/NL). Happy Doomsday! is a reflexion about history and action, modelled on a computer game in which two users go into battle. Two fitness machines function as interfaces and navigation tools in the virtual battlegrounds and dungeons of European culture.

Wiretap 5.13 was a co-operation of V2_Organisation and Exploding Cinema.



Happy Doomsday!

Shift e.V.


Interview with Ron Kuivila


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