Wiretap 7.08 - Carte Blanche

An exhibition-program on Graphical User Interfaces, mapping, reality and ideology, with Michael Pinsky (GB), Martin Dodge (GB) and the STEALTH Group (NL).

Wiretap 7.08 - Carte Blanche

Wiretap 7.08: STEALTH Group

Aug 2001
18:00 to 21:00
location: V2_, Eendrachtsstraat 10, Rotterdam

Maps appear in many guises and forms, conveying various messages and agendas. Cartography has always played a role in the representation of spatial and political reality. Thus besides being a navigational aid, a map is also an ideological tool.

In a society where our worldview is continuously changing due to rapid technological developments and the effects of globalisation, the static maps of yore, which feign the semblance of stability and immutability, are outmoded. New technologies provide us with 3D maps, dynamic maps with automatic update functions, animated and interactive maps which chart variable processes and complex relations.

The digitalisation of cartography has had to its effect that the visualisations of data are far from dry snapshots of reality. Maps are increasingly playing a more directive role in the representation, but also in the active shaping of reality. Moreover, maps plot their own realities and cross the lines between information carrying and information shaping.

Reality is in the eye of the map maker? Wiretap 7.08 mapped out the blanks with pressing critical questions.

This Wiretap presented the artist-in-residence-project In Transit by Michael Pinsky, the art project Safetown by Frédéric Degouzon and Laurent Neyssensas, and the research project Genetics of the Wild City by the STEALTH Group.


Atlas of Cyberspaces

Mapping Cyberspace


Safetown Project

Martin Dodge

Transparent Room (Michael Pinsky)

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