Wiretap 7.13 - Urban Collisions: New York

A program with Jutta Zaremba (D) and Birgit Richard (D) on perception, news media, images in the context on 9/11.

Wiretap 7.13 - Urban Collisions: New York

Wiretap 7.13 flyer

Jan 2002
15:00 to 19:00
location: Goethe-Institut, Westersingel 9, Rotterdam

The image of a jumbo jet crashing into the WTC on September 11th, 2001 is carved in our cultural memory. Nevertheless, we have been familiarized with similar images through blockbuster disaster movies in which national monuments such as the WTC, the White House, the Statue of Liberty and the Pentagon feature as terrorist targets. This Wiretap analyzed the visual representation of the attacks of September 11th in New York from a cinematic, architectonic and cultural-symbolic point of view.

Jutta Zaremba's Mediascraping: The Media-Arts' Presentation of New York Skyscrapers looks at how skyscrapers are presented in media art, and which cultural and urban myths do they perpetuate or debunk.

Birgit Richard's 9.11. and the Culture of Shifting examines what happens when sets of fictitious images which were accepted for decades (think of movies like Independence Day) are replaced by 'real' images. What is then the effect on our view on images..

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