Workshop: Collaborative Machine Learning

In this workshop Lasse Korsgaard and Andreas Refsgaard from creative coding studio Støj will teach a hands on introduction to machine learning, with emphasis on creating your own artistic and interactive applications.

Dec 2017
12:00 to 16:00

Participants will learn how to use neural networks to create real-time, cross-modal interactions for use in video, installation, live music performance and interaction design.

As a special focus, we propose to create interactions that involve multiple people, as opposed to "just" a single person. Perhaps we find ways to quickly make engaging collaborative multi-player games, for example drawing together or a dance moves competition. Another angle could be to use ML techniques for analysing events like sports games or audience responses to lectures.

Note that it is not needed to have worked with Machine Learning techniques before, but some experience with (creative) coding is needed to be able to make the most out of participating in the workshop.

Requirements for participants


Bring your own computer (preferably Mac since part of the workshop material will be Mac only). Software will be distributed by the instructors. Throughout the workshop we will be working with various sensors and gadgets. Participants on this workshop will be asked to bring any sensor of their own that they might want to use.


This workshop has limited availability and costs €25,-. Participants of the workshop will get free entrance to the Evening of the Black Box Concerns, that takes place the same day between 20h and 22h. We reserve the right to make a selection out of the applicants. If you have any any questions, feel free to e-mail Jan Misker (jan@v2.nl).

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Støj is a Copenhagen-based creative coding studio consisting of Lasse Korsgaard and Andreas Refsgaard. Find out more about them through their website.

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