Workshop Shanghai eArts Festival

Urban Space, Time to Play workshop

Oct 2008
Oct 2008
location: No. 398, Shilong Rd, Xuhui District, Shanghai, China

V2_ organized a workshop at the Shanghai eArts Festival that led us to develop playful public art in city space. The workshop was dedicated to DIY design of urban games, art activism, and playful intervention. The participants were artistically led by invited artists Aram Bartholl and Daan Roosegaarde, and supported by Simon de Bakker and Michel van Dartel of the V2_Lab. Furthermore, the workshop included a lecture by V2_Lab manager Anne Nigten.

The workshop contained two tracks between which the participants could choose after a plenary introduction. One workshop track, led by Aram Bartholl, focused on analogue and paper-based game scenarios translated from the digital world into physical space. This act of reliving the virtual continued in the public space of Shanghai were the participants' re-enacted their virtual games as a performance. The second workshop track, led by Daan Roosegaarde, focused on incorporating DIY basic electronics to develop playful interactive urban sculptures. The sculptures were based on careful analysis of the dynamics and uses of the city, to either disturb or play with them, and were revealed to the festival audience at the last day of the workshop.

Workshop form: Lectures, instructions, and introductions; conceptualization; DIY and hands-on approaches.
Requirement for participants: Students, professionals, or experts in design, technology, architecture, art, art performance, media, engineering, or related fields. If you have a related background, strong interest, or professional knowledge, you are welcome to join us!


Shanghai eArts Festival

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