Saturday 18 September

The event of Saturday 18 September 1982 is one of the first which took place under the name of V2.

Saturday 18 September

event poster

Sep 1982
13:00 to 21:55

On Saturday 18 September 1982 V2 opened its doors under the name V2. At 15:00 there was the opening of an exhibition with also videos. At 22:00 there were performances and concerts by Mike von Bibikov, Zanzibar Twist, Zoo, and Nacht und Nebel.

V2 started opened its doors for the first time for concerts and performances a year earlier on  4/ 5 September 1981, after the squatting of Vughterstraat 234 in Den Bosch. The squat was named V234, but it was generally shortened to V2 by the users and the public. The programme on 4/5 September 1981 featured art by Toon Laurens and Alex Adriaansens, performances by Bart Chabot and TL81, and a concert by Der Junge Hund. The concert of Der Junge Hund was released on cassette by Limbabwe Records – though this release states the date as 15 September 1981. (This should be 5 September, unless Der Junge Hund played at V2 twice that month).

Saturday 28 September 1982 marks the official beginning of V2 as an organisation.

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