Join the Summer Sessions project of Wei-Chia Wu

The artist Wei-Chia Wu (Veeeky) would like to invite you to participate in her Summer Sessions project. After providing her with a selfie, she will make a digital portrait of you.

Artist statement 

A virtual avatar/digital body is considered to be unstable and uncertain, because of the tension between the real self and the digital self. We can ask ourselves whether our physical or our online representation is more like ‘ourselves’. The artist Veeeky believes that in the future everyone will have a digital format of themselves, such as a FBX (filmbox) format. Such a 3D digital body can be seen as a key to the virtual world. The project intends to evoke the feeling of ambiguity between the online and offline self, by presenting you with your own digital reflection.
A concern of the artist is how modern capitalism will adapt this new technology and she would like us to think about how we as consumers are affected by these new technologies and if we can make a difference.
Join the project by sending your selfie to veeekyveeekyveeeky@gmail.com 
You will get a FBX format of yourself and a digital portrait after being selected as a participant. The portrait will be presented during the Summer Sessions presentations on 9 & 10 September at V2_.
*The files produced in this project will not be used outside of the presentations at V2_.
*Your selfie photo will not be sold and will not be uploaded on the internet.
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