404 not found: We are cleaning up our websites

Over the past years we have accumulated a large number of project-specific websites. Most of these sites are not in active use, and keeping them online is no longer possible.

Most of the websites we are taking offline were on subdomains of v2.nl or projects.v2.nl. Visiting these now will redirect you to the page on v2.nl about that project/work/event. In some cases you will be redirected to a search of v2.nl, if the original content could not be determined.

If you do feel a site should be spared, please contact us via helpdesk at v2.nl.

A few of the sites will remain, hosting of these websites is kindly sponsored by Byte.nl.

Special cases

If you were looking for the PDFs of the basic electronics course of Stock that were hosted on stomach.v2.nl, you can find them on his website www.mrstockinterfaces.com.

And yes, the title of this post is wrong, because you will actually be served with a 301 status code ;)

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