News on V2_ related events and activities.

V2_+Museu Zer0 Residency Presentation

Arie Altena — May 16, 2019

On the 17th of May 2019 there's an informal presentation of the results of the V2_+Museu Zer0 residency at Museu Zer0, Portugal.

Selection Museu Zero V2_ Residency

Arie Altena — Mar 27, 2019

Four artists have been selected for the V2_ + Museu Zero Residency 2019.

Trendbeheer on Johannes Langkamp

Arie Altena — Feb 11, 2019

The Dutch art blog Trendbeheer featured a piece on Johannes Langkamps solo exhibition 'Sun Tracing'

V2_ at Operator Radio

Arie Altena — Feb 14, 2019

V2_ hosts a show on Operator Radio on Thursday 7 February.

A Tribute to Alex Adriaansens at Transmediale

Arie Altena — Feb 01, 2019

Transmediale has organised a Tribute to Alex Adriaansens on Friday 1 Feb 2019.

Closed for the Holidays

Arie Altena — Dec 21, 2018

V2_ will be closed during the Xmas holidays. Orders placed at the online store between December 22nd and January 6th will be dispatched on Monday January 7th.

Announcement: The Alex Adriaansens Residency

Arie Altena — Dec 13, 2018

A new residency in honour of V2_'s former director and co-founder Alex Adriaansens.

Open Lab Meetup

Arie Altena — Dec 13, 2018

The Open_Lab Meetup (O_LM) is an opportunity for artists/makers/students to get support for their projects by presenting a question or challenge to the V2_Lab and the V2_Community. In each O_LM we will tackle 3 challenges/projects.

Zoro Feigl wins the Witteveen+Bos Art+Technology Award 2018

Arie Altena — Oct 29, 2018

Kinetic artist Zoro Feigl has won the Witteveen+Bos Art+Technology Award 2018. His solo exhibition at the Bergkerk in Deventer, the Netherlands, opens on 1 November.

Speculative Design Archive Interview with Michel van Dartel

Arie Altena — Oct 29, 2018

Het Nieuwe Instituut interviewed Michel van Dartel in the context of the Speculative Design Archive exhibition.

Call for Proposals: Re-Enacting the V2_Archive

Steffan Hofland — Nov 21, 2018

V2_Lab for the Unstable Media and In4Art invite artists based in the Netherlands and Belgium to dive into V2_’s archive and propose re-enactments of included works.

Nominees for the Icarus Award 2018

Arie Altena — Sep 28, 2018

EPC, Platform for the Information Society, nominated three finalists for the Icarus Award 2018. Two of them are nominated for a project developed during a Summer Sessions residency.

Artists as Adventurers

Arie Altena — Sep 18, 2018

An Interview with Ruben Jacobs published by 'Riding the Dragon'.

Raumklang at Gaudeamus Festival

Arie Altena — Sep 03, 2018

Zeno van den Broek and Robin Koek present Raumklang at the Gaudeamus Festival 2018.

Summer Sessions 2018 Selection

Arie Altena — Aug 01, 2018

Here are the names of the artists who have been selected for a Summer Sessions residency in 2018.

Herbarium Vivum at V2_

Arie Altena — Jul 31, 2018

A tomato plant is growing in the window of V2_'s groundfloor. Follow the growth of the installation in the image gallery.

V2_ partner of Balance-Unbalance 2018

Arie Altena — Apr 09, 2018

V2_ is one of the partners of the 2018 Balance-Unbalance conference which will take place on September 20th and 21st 2018 at The Patching Zone and other venues in and around Schiedam.

Dangerous Futures

Arie Altena — Apr 09, 2018

Both V2_'s Boris Debackere and V2_fellow Orit Halpern present at the Dangerous Futures conference 4 and 5 May 2018 in Trondheim, Norway

Raumklang Residency of Robin Koek and Zeno van den Broek

Arie Altena — Apr 23, 2018

In the last week of March and the first days of April 2018 the sound artists Zeno van den Broek and Robin Koek did a research residency at V2_.

Bruce Sterling plea for tech art at SXSW

Arie Altena — Mar 29, 2018

As every year Bruce Sterling closed the large SXSW-festival with an hour long talk. In 2018 he mentioned several projects related to V2_ and DEAF. Nice to hear.

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