Bruce Sterling plea for tech art at SXSW

As every year Bruce Sterling closed the large SXSW-festival with an hour long talk. In 2018 he mentioned several projects related to V2_ and DEAF. Nice to hear.

In his 2018 closing note at SXSW in Austin, Texas, Bruce Sterling made a plea for the arts as the place for experimentation. The talk was entitled 'Disrupting Dystopia or what the tech arts scene could and should be', and he argues that experimentation in art and technology is more needed than ever. He talks about the power of cognitive estrangement, and states: 'The tech worls should do more new media art, machine art, kinetic art.' And: 'We need less tech and more art. We need more art. We need more tech art.'

Some of the examples mentions have been shown at V2_.

Listen here: 


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