Chris Salter at TodaysArt

Chris Salter - who edited the V2_ publication 'The Vibrancy Effect', speaks at the Bright Collissions Summit (part of the TodaysArt festival 2014)

The third edition of the Bright Collisions Summit takes place from Wednesday 24 to Saturday 27 September, as part of the tenth edition of the TodaysArt Festival.

By giving a stage to world leading thinkers and practitioners from the arts, science, digital culture, design, urban planning and media TodaysArt aims to promote forward-thinking ideas and to create a transdisciplinary meeting point at the seaside of The Hague. The list of participants includes Daito Manabe, Saskia Sassen, Pedro Gadanho, Chris Salter, Bernard Foing and many others.

The Summit includes several programs staged in collaboration with many partners: ‘Sensory Experience’, ‘Ubiquitous Art and Sound’, ‘Failed Architecture’, ‘Tools for an Unknown Future’, ‘European Space Agency: Moon-Mars Exploration through Arts, Science and Innovation’, ‘Expulsions’ and ‘TodaysArt Network’.

More detailed info: http://todaysart.nl/2014/summit/

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