First Person Plural

Over the past few months, V2_Lab’s Simon de Bakker has developed software for Nicola Unger’s audio performance First Person Plural, an intriguing theatrical experience that will be performed on December 3 and 4 at the Rotterdamse Schouwburg.

Actors respond to their own voiced thoughts

In the audio performance First Person Plural, Nicola Unger investigates the mechanism of thinking. She defines thinking as the formation of sentences in the mind, as an inner dialogue.

Unger is working with a range of professional and amateur performers, who will conduct conversations with themselves by responding live to their own previously recorded sentences and words. She has developed special software with V2_ to play back the recorded texts at random. The conversation between the recorded self and the performing self will thus be different every time.

The thinking process seems to proceed in a similar fashion to these improvised conversations. Phrases surface out of nowhere and link past and future in an unfamiliar pattern and rhythm.


When does thinking happen? How does thinking feel?
Are there different versions/states of thinking?
Is the inner voice thinking?
Is there a connection between theater/imagination and the process of thinking?
(When you see yourself doing something, are you in your own theater as your own observer/audience?)

Observe your inner conversations. Try and categorize those inner processes. For example into:
- 10 sentences pointing towards the future (I have to do my taxes, call aunt, clean up…)
- 3 dilemmas/questions/problems that I am thinking about in life and keep on tossing around in my head until I forget
them again (Why do artists make the same type of work over and over-is that disappointing or relieving?)
- 7 slogans, quotes, proverbs that I learned at some moment and still remember (Die Milch machts/Reden ist silber/Schweigen ist Gold)
- 5 sentences about body sensations (I need to pee/I am hungry) etc.

Record those examples. Have at least 59 soundfiles.
Have them play back randomly.
Then start speaking to yourself.

Performance: Nicola Unger, Sato Endo, Duro Toomato and Juliane Zoellner Text/concept: Nicola Unger
Production: Productiehuis Rotterdam (Rotterdamse Schouwburg)
Dates: December 3 and 4, 2010 Rotterdamse Schouwburg  Start: 19:00.
Admission: € 12,50 / 11,00 (Rotterdampas/65+) / € 10,00 (Schouwburgkaart) / € 7,50 (CKV/CJP/Studenten)
Reservations: www.rotterdamseschouwburg.nl / 010-4118110


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