V2_ in Shanghai

V2_'s Florian Weigl was in Shanghai on the occasion of the Latent Spectators exhibition, and gave a number of presentations at different locations.

Early November 2019 V2_'s curator Florian Weigl travelled to Shanghai for the second time. Mainly to arrange the build-up and the opening of the Latent Spectators exhibition at UNArt, which features works by Coralie Vogelaar and Johannes Langkamp, partly developed in collaboration with and co-curated by V2_. The opportunity was seized to present the work of V2_ at various other locations too.
Reports about most of these events can be found online, both in Mandarin and English.

Florian did a presentation about V2_ at Points Center for Contemporary Arts, a partner organisation in the Summer Sessions network:


The artists Coralie Vogelaar and Johannes Langkamp gave a presentation for students of the Shanghai Theatre Academy.  On 6 November Florian gave a talk at ShanghaiTechUniversity:

On 9 November there was a public presentation at UNArt:

In the same period also Boris Debackere was in China, representing V2_ at several occasions. V2_'s Jan Misker had travelled earlier to China together with Carina Hesper, both pursuing their own research, a.o. at Summer Sessions partner organisation Points giving them the possibility to also visit the opening of Latent Spectators with the organisation and other residency artists.

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