Giving and Taking nominated

The V2_ publication Giving and Taking is nominated for the AICA-Award!

We're very happy that the V2_book Giving and Taking, Antidotes to a Culture of Greed is nominated for the AICA-Award (or AICA Certificate, in Dutch it's the AICA oorkonde). The jury nominated three books from the period 2012–2014 and writes about Giving and Taking: 'Mixing essays and interviews Giving and Taking makes a lively collection with a sharp diagnosis of the present and a view towards the future.' The other two nominated books are Hans den Hartog Jager's Het streven. Kan hedendaagse kunst de wereld verbeteren? and Whispers: Ulay on Ulay, edited by Astrid Vorstermans. 

The Dutch AICA-Award is awarded alternately to an arts organization, a publication, and an exhibition. In 2010 the prize was awarded to V2_'s Dick Raaijmakers Monografie.

See: http://www.aicanederland.org/nominaties-aica-oorkonde-2015-bekend/

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