Introducing Michelle Kasprzak

It's my first week at V2_ in my role as Curator, and this morning I introduced myself to the team at our weekly staff meeting.

It's my first week at V2_ in my role as Curator, and this morning I introduced myself to the team at our weekly staff meeting.

I made an informal presentation of my traces around the web. I started with my online headquarters: http://michelle.kasprzak.ca I then showed some bits and pieces of my curatorial work online.

I showed the Aesthetics of Gaming exhibition that I curated for Pace Digital Gallery: http://csis.pace.edu/digitalgallery/kasprzak/ Also the Schematic show, a two-part exhibition of Canadian new media art (with a particular emphasis on robots) that was presented in London, UK and that I co-curated with Gillian McIver and Heather Corcoran: http://schematic.blogsome.com/

I also presented In-Site Toronto, my most recent curatorial project. This project was a series of commissions that was presented on the portal pages of the community wireless group, Wireless Toronto: http://year01.com/insitetoronto/ I concluded my brief talk by mentioning McLuhan in Europe 2011, a year long celebration of Marshall McLuhan's intellectual legacy in Europe. This project was initiated by Stephen Kovats (former Curator at V2_, himself, now Artistic Director of transmediale in Berlin) and he and I co-direct it. http://mcluhan2011.eu I later circulated some more links, including:
My curating blog: http://curating.info

A recent piece of writing that I did for Rhizome.org, a review of the last Ars Electronica festival:
http://rhizome.org/editorial/2010/sep/29/a-report-from-repair-ars-electronica-2010/ An article I wrote on Internet surf clubs: http://www.ciac.ca/magazine/archives/no_33/spotlight.htm An article I wrote on art with both a physical and virtual component: http://www.ciac.ca/magazine/archives/no_32/dossier.htm ...and last but not least, my Twitter: http://twitter.com/mkasprzak

I should also mention that I have an exciting exhibition coming up at Cornerhouse Gallery in Manchester, that I am co-curating with Karen Gaskill. I'll post more details about this as they become publicly available! http://www.cornerhouse.org

It was very nice to have a chance to tell people a little bit about my work, and I look forward to accomplishing many things with the great team here at V2_!


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