Introducing Valérie Lamontagne

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Introducing Valérie Lamontagne

Valerie Lamontagne will be at V2_ for a 4 months stage to do research for her PhD.

Valerie Lamontagne  will be at V2_ for a 4 months stage to do research for her PhD “Performativity, Materiality and Laboratory Practices in Artistic Wearables” wherein she questions how artistic wearables are performative, and why.

The PhD looks at performativity in relation to the specific materialities of wearable technologies (textiles, networks, technological apparatuses, interactivity, embodiment) which create distinct socio-technical couplings of human/nonhuman agencies.

She will also use V2_ as a test subject for an ethnography of practices in contemporary laboratories / studios developing wearables and will examine specific wearables projects developed at V2_ (methodologies, technologies, overlap of disciplines) to reveal the particular production and material contexts in the production of artistic wearables.

The aim of the PhD is to develop an in-depth and specific discourse for artistic wearables - from body to materiality to technology to production contexts to social device - in order to show how wearables are performative on many distinct levels.

On a practical level, during the stage, she will investigate “D-I-Y Performative Wearables”. The research will be elaborated in 2 themes (1) Research into D-I-Y modular components which facilitate use and implementation of electronics into garments (2) Artistic exploration and preliminary research into the performative potential of wearables through a series of two modular wearables “Futurist Suits (He & She)”.

To see her work:

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