Computer Says No!

V2_Lab calls for Rotterdam based artists, activists, designers and makers to come up with absurd scenarios that expose how unrestricted categorization leads to A.I. – Artificial Inequality. A selection of these ideas will be invited for a mini-residency leading to a Test_Lab presentation.

Who can apply

Anyone who has a good idea can apply, even if you are not able to fully realize it yourself. A connection to Rotterdam is required, but if you are based somewhere else do contact us, perhaps there are ways to team up with someone from Rotterdam with a similar idea.

How To

Contact us asap to start conversation and if selected start right away.

  • • Last moment to submit is September 1.
  • • Does not have to be a 'real' categorization, Can be completely unrealistic / futuristic, Any scenario where algorithms get too much decision power.
  • • Aim is to have a presentable work mid October.


Prepare a plan/pitch with these elements

  • • Concept: Which categorization / classification.
  • • Plan: What you want to make to show the absurdity and how to do it.
  • • Schedule: When you want to develop the work, phases.
  • • Resources: What you need, technical support, materials, your time.
Contact with us via lab@v2.nl to discuss your plan.
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