Crowdfunding - An Invitation to DANCE

Picture by Katarina Jazbec

Crowdfunding - An Invitation to DANCE

An Invitation to DANCE is a study of the cinematographic experience of dance. The final result is a film installation, a dance arena, where visitors can take part into the world of the performers and consequently be stimulated to relate to their own bodies.

About the project

'An Invitation to DANCE is a dance film installation that has no surroundings, and no notion of time. There are five bodies, five individuals, all existing unto themselves. They cannot stop dancing, and thats what makes them human. They form an autonomous world, which follows its own rules and logic."

In 2015 filmmaker Noud Heerkens initiates the project by beginning the research and development of An Invitation to DANCE, in close collaboration with V2_Lab for the Unstable Media. The project is given a new impulse in 2017, when choreographer Loïc Perela, director of photography Richard van Oosterhout and software designer Rob Duyser become involved with the project. The realization is started in January 2017. The choreography, cinematography and software gradually come together thanks to the variety of film experiments and test installations before in presence of audience.

The choreography is filmed by ten filmmakers simultaneously, whereby the intensity of the dancers and the choreography become equally visible as sensible. The process of filming is thus made as an integral part of the installation where three groups of people are closely connected: the dancers, the filmmakers and the visitors.

The final test of the installation An Invitation to DANCE is in October 2017, during the Studium Generale Into the Wild Art Academy of Avans Centre of Expertise for Art & Design. Dance, film and technology are brought together in an artistic whole reinforcing each other’s meaning. In March 2018, the film installation An Invitation to DANCE will premiere at the 15th international edition of CINEDANS at the EYE Filmmuseum in Amsterdam.

[Picture by Katarina Jazbec]


In order to realise the filminstallation, Heerkens and his collaborators will need your financial support! They are eager to start the post-production and realisation of the final installation. 

Find out more about the crowdfunding campaign on the website An Invitation to DANCE under ‘Crowdfunding’, where you’ll also find more information about the specific reward tiers. Besides this, you can also find more information about the project, the cast and crew and the collaboration with the partners.

Your donation, no matter the amount, will contribute to the success of An Invitation to DANCE!

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