City Interactive

City Interactive is an announcement of the city as an art object and an investigation of it as an interactive media space. By using physical manipulation and navigation of real objects, language and intelligence, as well as historical, philosophical, social and political factors of a city, Akuvido will create an interactive multimedia view of a modern city on the internet.


Using digital pictures and video, the everyday interaction of the city will be investigated and the assembled information will be put into the computer. With the help of graphical and video programs the information will be collated and built into the interface and navigation tools of the project. The interface of the project will be interactive with a map of the city on which link-addresses of real objects will be situated and transformed into the interactive style of the project, connected as a whole intellectual, visual, written and sound labyrinth of the city.

The information on different aspects of the City will create movement, interactivity and artistic imagery of the city. The information and our knowledge build a complete picture of a real representation, but actually consists of millions of fragments that have millions of meanings and is impossible to take in at one time.

Akuvido considers the city as a program that controls information and wants to investigate the different fragments of the city, and to unite these fragments in one whole for the public imagination. Creations in City Interactive become situations in the real city and will show how the physical space transfers or digitizes into virtual space and how the virtual space with the tools of new technology begins to influence the real space of the city. Getting in with their cables, monitors, sensors, web-cams, Internet, it grows in to the space like a nervous system that controls the reality, exchanges in the information, comes alive, changing and giving new appearance in reality and becomes a program tool -- a truly interactive game.


City Interactive


Akuvido is the name for the two Berlin-based Ukrainian media-artists Hanna Kuts and Viktor Dovhalyuk. Both artists followed education at the Academy of Art in Lviv, Ukraine, and at the Institut für Neue Medien in Berlin. At present they explore their interdisciplinary field from several viewpoints in order to combine sound, video, photo and computer animation into software-based interactive projects. Each project represents a game, which synthesizes a different interpretation and expression of environment to another, i.e. from abstract minimalism to the world of media games. Akuvido exhibited at numerous international festivals, e.g. Transmediale (Berlin), Netmage (Bologna), New Forms Festival (Vancouver), and received First Prize in the Concours International de Net-Art at Villette Numerique Festival (Paris).






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