Can Augmented Reality be used as a medium to create musical compositions?


Physical avatars of II

The works of audiovisual composer Tarik Barri are about seeing sound and hearing images. His self made software Versum enables him to create 3d virtual spaces within which visual and sonical/musical esthetics each play an equally important role. Besides wanting to simply share the beauty of these aesthetics, he also strives to let his audience gain an intuitive and deep insight into musical structures.

His latest installation II invites the audience to explore his virtual spaces for themselves. All the sounds, rhythms, shapes and colors to create audiovisual compositions are given, but it is up to the audience to do the actual composing. By moving physical avatars – equipped with speakers and a video screen – in the physical space, they also simultaneously move around in the virtual space. The audience can thus, simply by moving these avatars around, create music together with other participants and direct their own abstract movies in the process.


Team: Jelle van der Ster, Xavier Amoros, Stan Wannet, Jan Misker.
Many thanks to: Bart Jansen (life-saving/project-pimping/construction), Paulus van der Heijden (construction), Jorn van Dijk (sound design), Fonds BKVB (financial support).

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