Las Familias

"Las Familias - a gambling den" consists of a spatial installation with an integrated video game. The centrepiece is a small house made of wooden panels which will be used for slide projections. The projections are made of images of women holding guns.

Entering the house the viewer is confronted with a video projection opposite to the entrance. This projection shows a computerized video game. By operating a joy stick, the viewer can actively get involved into shooting home-baked cakes. The three women from the exterior of the house are also part of the game.

Las Familias is an art project, co-developed by V2_Lab in 2003. The installation was shown during the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2004 (21 January until 1 February) on the Groundfloor at V2_.


  • Frank Werner
    Project owner
  • Enric Gili Fort
    Interaction design
  • Lobke Hulzink
    Project manager


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