Being a cat, being a fish, being a dog

Being a cat, being a fish, being a dog (first provisionally entitled 'Love not a scam') is a project of Chunju Yu, it was developed within the AI4Future Residency in 2022.

Chunju Yu's project Being a cat, being a fish, being a dog focuses on AI and Gender Inequality issues. Inspired by fake celebrity porn made by deepfake technology, this project aims to create AI-generated porn to address the issue of sexual exploitation and male gaze in the porn industry. The aim is to exploit pornography as a medium for satirical social commentary of online eroticism, fetishism and challenge the entrenched patriarchal algorithms on porn websites.

In dialogue with the Dutch local activist jury, V2_ nominated Chunju Yu for the AI4Future residency grant. The jury acknowledges a serious potential in the proposed research subject along with the artistic methods.

The jury is interested to see how Chunju Yu her deep fake pornstar will make use of different gazes in the online porn supply to challenge and learn more about the responses of users. This artistic project shows a great potential for social impact among broader audiences. It inspires people to rethink gender structures and raises awareness about the digital frontier between fakeness and realness.

Read more about AI4Future here.

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