Marrow and Bone

Marrow & Bone is research project and form experiment by Ishèle Levy and Lee Rammelt, aiming at material innovation.

Marrow and Bone

first try-out

"No skin, no fur, bare to the bone"

Marrow & Bone* aims at material innovation and form experiment. It is a multidisciplinary process of exploration in search of applications and cultural connotations of bone, in response to the vast quantity of 'leftovers' generated by intensive farming. This art and design project contains both the historical value and use of bones and the current context of large scale animal industry, navigating the seemingly boundless consumption of livestock.   

Over 970.000 cows, pigs, goats and sheep are slaughtered each month in the Netherlands, intended for human consumption. The leftovers of this disease prone industry are processed within a strictly regulated circuit, governed my European legislation, and exclusively carried out by specialised companies.

In spite of the meat lovers penchant for special offer lambs rack or spare ribs, the public display of animal bones is generally frowned upon, considered dirty, disgusting and devious.  Even though horse hair can be found in chewing gum, boiled calf bone provides gelatine for cream cakes, sheep fat makes our soap moist and we present our food on bone china plates, we just don’t want to know.

If bones visibly and tangibly materialise in our surroundings can we get passed our sense of morbidity? Or is the distance from the material, from the reminder of its dead animal origin necessary to continue our conspicuous consumption and contempt for animal welfare? Can this process of alienation be reversed?

Bones have unique characteristics and qualities. Is there room for a new imagination, a different perception, perspective and purpose? Is there room for a new aesthetic?

*not suitable for vegetarians

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