Watch That Sound

In 2008, the V2_Lab realized a software tool for the "Watch That Sound" (WTS) project, an initiative of music instructor Jacques van de Veerdonk.

The WTS Software Tool is a digital tool for the computer composition and processing of audio tracks by children and young people. The goal of the WTS project is to give children of different ages an understanding of the relationship between image and sound in film in a hands-on way. Doing it yourself is a key theme. WTS allows groups of children and young people to make their own audio tracks for existing films and film fragments. The children analyze a film, design a score, seek out or create needed sound fragments, process them, and synchronize them with the images.

They do this under the guidance of their teacher or a music instructor, with support from the WTS project team, who also provide final professional processing and a festive closing event (such as a festival screening). Software realized by V2_ supports the entire WTS process, from analysis of film fragments to synchronization of audio and video. The software thereby supports educators in the organization, sound processing and pedagogy of WTS.

The beta version realized in 2008 shows how this software tool can support teachers and extend the range of WTS by offering software support children can understand. In 2009, we will realize a complete version of the software tool, which will expand opportunities for sound processing and devote extra attention to the community aspect – online soundtrack swapping between children and young people.


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