Realities in Transition

Realities in Transition is a project, co-funded by the EU, that researches the impact of 'extended reality' (XR).

About RiT and XR 

How we experience digital content is changing rapidly with the emergence of extended reality, or XR. XR brings together virtual, augmented and mixed reality to create a blended reality in which data seamlessly mingles with the physical environment. The impact of this new integrated world is becoming evident across society in domains such as education, health care, industry and culture. Inevitably, the opportunities XR presents also introduce critical issues relating to sustainability, ethics, data privacy, and unequal access to technology, to name a few examples. XR tools offer creatives and artists compelling possibilities for building upon and challenging existing modes of content creation and storytelling while helping to develop original methodologies for producing new artistic media. 

We consider art and design to be the appropriate experimental context for reflecting on the challenges and opportunities of XR. Art and design provide the imaginative scope to assess the impact of technological developments in a social context and investigate radical alternatives.

Realities in Transition Residency

During the residency at V2_ Lab in Rotterdam, from 6 March to 5 May 2023, the selected applicants receive access to the facilities, production and curatorial support, and the opportunity to participate in an XR workshop and receive expert feedback. 

Towards the end of the residency a public event shows the results of the residencies.

Selected Artists

Leon van Oldenborgh
Leo Scarin & Marlot Meyer
Hugo Pilate & Pedro Gil Farias
Studio Comrades (Edith Dingemans & Nicol Colga)
Rebecca Merlic
Eva Iszoro
Calin Segal


Realities in Transition is co-funded by the European Union. This project aims to explore and support “alternative” XR creation and to experiment and promote new narratives and creative processes.  


Realities in Transition consists of Seconde Nature (France), L.E.V. (Spain), KONTEJNER (Croatia), Ars Electronica (Austria), Dark Euphoria (France), V2_ Lab (The Netherlands) and iMal (Belgium).


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