V2_Archive Presents at DISH2009 Conference

On December 9th 2009, Arie Altena and Rui Guerra present V2_'s archive approach at "Digital Strategies for heritage 2009," a new biennial international conference on digital heritage in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

For more than a decade, V2_ has been researching and developing strategies to document and preserve the field of unstable media art (or electronic art). Arie Altena and Rui Guerra present the outcomes of such research at DISH2009. 

The presentation traces a very simple idea: the merging of a PR-website and an archive, or in other words, taking the PR-website as a place where archiving starts. It looks at reasons for the merging, at the opportunities and problems created, considering also such practical aspects like the creation of amongst others metadata (user-tags) by non-archivist, inclusion of visitor-feedback, creation of content of variable quality, and persistent URLs. An important focus – since the presentation deals with software in development – is the role of the methodology of agile development.

More information can be found at: http://www.dish2009.nl/node/85

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