"Dick Raaymakers: A Monograph" wins AICA

"Dick Raaymakers: A Monograph," published by V2_ in 2008, has been awarded the AICA Certificate. The certificate is presented each year by the Dutch branch of the AICA (International Association of Art Critics).


Each year, the Dutch AICA awards the certificate alternately to an institution, book or exhibition distinguished by its exceptional quality. Arjen Mulder and Joke Brouwer’s Dick Raaymakers: A Monograph has won the AICA Certificate for a book for 2007–2009.

Jurors Domeniek Ruyters, Kitty Zijlmans and Eric de Bruyn nominated the book, describing it as an “impressive monumental monograph on the celebrated Dick Raaymakers, in which his broad, extensive oeuvre is meticulously and insightfully surveyed in close collaboration with the artist.” The Dutch AICA members voted for the book by a large majority. They praised it as a comprehensive, attractive and engrossing monograph that sheds light on the artist in his many facets, makes an essential contribution to the rewriting of Dutch art history, and can serve as an important source of inspiration for young artists.

The award will be presented March 19, 2010 to authors Arjen Mulder and Joke Brouwer at Scheltema in Leiden.

V2_ is delighted that Dutch art critics have recognized the efforts of four years of research in this manner. The certificate is proof that we have succeeded in our intention of producing a book that is of scholarly quality and yet engrossing. The nature of the work and our unique collaboration with Dick Raaymakers himself undoubtedly contributed to this. We are proud to have been able to capture the fleeting and multifaceted character of the installations, performances and music theater in book form.  


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Portrait Dick Raaymakers

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