Tele_Trust Artist Arrested

Karen Lancet wearing the DataVeil

Tele_Trust Artist Arrested

Last Tuesday, 9 June, Karen Lancel of the artist duo Lancelmaat, together with her technical developer performed a final test for the art project "Tele_Trust". While performing the test, the artist was arrested by the police.

Tele_Trust is an experiential art work in which a person dressed in a full body veil which is equipped with sensors and audiovisual devices, moves among the crowd in public space. The sensors inside the veil respond to the movement and touch of bystanders and control a story that is relayed live to an audience at a remote location.

Tele_Trust explores inter-human trust by applying interventions of technology and clothing.

However, the test, which took place at Amsterdam's Central Station, did not go entirely according to plan. The combination of the veil and the electronic equipment gave the police cause to arrest both the artist and the technician and take them to the station for questioning on suspicion of terrorism. According to police, the veiled artist behaved suspiciously and the ‘data veil’ looked too much like an explosive device.

After questioning, both were released after having been fined for violation of the public order.

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