Governance, Cultural Diversity and Fair Practice

V2_ adheres to the Cultural Governance Code, the Code Cultural Diversity, and the Fair Practice Code.


In 2009, the Cultural Governance Code was the occasion for V2_ to transition to a supervisory board model. V2_'s articles of association and regulations are based on the Code Cultural Governance, as does the self-evaluation protocol drawn up in 2011 for its Supervisory Board. 

Cultural Diversity

Because of V2_'s international and multidisciplinary position, its internal organisation and its public are characterised by a high cultural diversity. V2_ also regularly develops activities aimed specifically at making the cultural diversity within the field of art and technology visible. In addition to this ongoing attention to diversity in V2_'s programme, the Code Cultural Diversity has led to the setting of new goals and actions with regard to diversity among its permanent staff.

Fair Practice Code

V2_ is a member of Kunsten '92 and De Zaak Nu, which stand up for the interests of organisations in art, culture and heritage and aim to strengthen the labour market position of artists and workers in the creative sector. Within V2_, the Fair Practice Code is therefore taken as the starting point for rewarding artists and designers for their work at or with V2_, as well as for the employment conditions of its permanent staff.

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