Photo's 3x3 Driessens & Verstappen

V2_ hosted an interesting and succesfull 3x3-series with artist duo Driessens & Verstappen.

3x3 is a series of events in which artists present three experiments at V2_. 3x3 takes place on the first Friday of each month. Here you can find the documentation of the 3x3 instalment of artist duo Driessens & Verstappen: 

For pictures of part I click here // For pictures of part II click here // For pictures of part III click here (All pictures by Maria Verstappen)


Experiments are an essential part of every art practice. Even more than the end results, experiments, bèta versions and try-outs offer an inside look on how an artist thinks and works. Therefore, the experiment is made central in 3x3. V2_ offers three artists the space, time and resources to develop three experiments. Every first Friday evening of the month the public can witness one of these experiments live. A unique experience, as with every experiment no one knows what the experiment will lead...

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