40 years of V2_ PDF

PDF with the English version of the 2022 book 40 Years of V2_.

Author: Arie Altena
Joke Brouwer
Type: PDF, open access, full color
Pages: 50
Language: English
Translation: Laura Martz

To celebrate four decades of explorations in art, media and technology, V2_ has embarked on a year of archival and curatorial study of its history.

This PDF contains an the English version of an essay by Arie Altena reflecting on 40 years of V2_, as well as a choice of 12 iconic works that have been exhibited or performed at V2_ in the period 1981–2021.



If you prefer a hard copy, you can order the printed book for a small fee plus postage.

Alternatively you can freely download a PDF-version with the Dutch text.

This publication is part of the V2_research into forty years of art and technology

With thanks to: Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie, Gemeente Rotterdam, Netwerk Archieven Design en Digitale Cultuur.

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