Composing Interactions

'Composing Interactions. An Artist’s Guide to Building Expressive Interactive Systems' by Marije Baalman will be available from June 2022 on. If you pre-order now you'll receive a 5 euro discount.

Interactive technologies have become a part of many different artistic practices. Nowadays artists make use of sensors, electronic circuits, computation, and algorithms to create engaging aesthetic experiences.

Composing Interactions
brings together aesthetic considerations, practical guidelines for project development, and an overview of sensors, circuits, and processing algorithms.

Marije Baalman
applies her extensive experience as an artist and as an engineer to guide the reader through the creation process of interactive digital artworks. She elaborates on different techniques for creating meaningful interactions and presents detailed case studies of a range of artistic work from the field to illustrate the techniques in practice.

“Baalman’s sheer enthusiasm and excitement to share with others her own experience in creating interactive experience is what sets the book apart from others. Whether you are an artist, designer, programmer, choreographer, dancer, or musician, in these pages you will find an A to Z compendium that you can use to better imagine and build interactive artistic works.” - Chris Salter


“Composing Interactions is a significant guide and place-holder that will incite artists to knowingly navigate the myriad possibilities offered by today’s digital technologies. Baalman’s work will undoubtedly inspire actions, interactions, and reactions that feed our ever plural artistic futures.” - Sally Jane Norman


More: composinginteractions.art

This publication was made possible with financial support from the Creative Industries Fund NL, the Konrad Boehmerfonds and iii (instrument inventors initiative).

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