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Some of the books that V2_ published have sold out, and will most probably not be reprinted ever. Almost all of them are freely available in electronic format, either as a PDF or as seperate HTML-articles on this website. Here are all the books that sold out. The descriptions include links to a PDF download or to the individual articles.

Book for the Electronic Arts

"Book for the Electronic Arts" describes 25 years of developing electronic art, necessitating a ...

Book for the Unstable Media

In "Book for the Unstable Media" artists and scientists involved in media art ask themselves the ...

Information Is Alive

Collection of essays from all kinds of disciplines that study archives in a paleontological, ...

Interfacing Realities

"Interfacing Realities" in the form of a hypertext on paper covers the mid-1990s questions about ...

The Art of the Accident

Collection of essays stating that the concept of “accident” contains not just the idea that ...


"TransUrbanism" is a collection of essays and interviews about urbanism in a time of global ...

Understanding Media Theory

Arjen Mulder makes media theory understandable by discussing all the concepts, approaches and areas ...

The Sympathy of Things

"The Sympathy of Things: Ruskin and the Ecology of Design," is a publication by Lars Spuybroek.

Giving and Taking, Antidotes to a Culture of Greed

'Giving and Taking, Antidotes to a Culture of Greed' is a collective effort to establish the ...

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