Tiny Mining, a Handbook for Internal Extraction

A mineral exploration co-operative and community committed to the open source exploitation of the interior of the human body for rare earth and other mineral resources.

Editor: Martin Howse
Year: 2022
Type: PDF / Epub
Pages: 149
Language: English
Design: Alice Cannavà


Texts: Aaron Parkhurst, Ines Tomasek, Agnieszka Anna Wołodźko
Sweat Shop Users: Kat Austen, Dennis de Bel, Alfonso Borragan, Martin Howse, Theun Karelse, Aniara Rodado

Tiny Mining [TM] is the first open source mineral exploration co-operative and resource specialist committed to the potential exploitation of the interior of the living human body for rare earth and other mineral resources in the interests of human and planetary health.

The wider Tiny Mining community was founded in November 2019, and the initiative is devoted to exploring the culture of self mining through sharing knowledge, advocacy, discussion, tutorials and collective sweatshops. This open community consists of a diverse group of chemists, geologists, artists and alternative medicine practitioners.

This first electronic publication collects expert and critical reflections engendered by the community, alongside documentary material from the inaugural Tiny Mining sweatshop conducted in November 2020, and background research or source materials commonly circulated within the wider Tiny Mining community. With insights from the history of close bodily contacts between human beings and the geological, the discipline of medical geology, medical anthropology, speculative bio-fictions, and new dark ecological theory.

This publication was financially supported by The Creative Industries Fund NL and The City of Rotterdam.

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