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Javier Lloret

Javier Lloret is a researcher and artist.

Douglas Coupland

Douglas Coupland is a Canadian novelist, visual artist and designer.

Victor de Vries

In his artistic work Victor de Vries (NL) creates visual and conceptual identities with a link to the world of corporate industries.

Mate Pacsika

Máté Pacsika

Peter Sloterdijk

Peter Sloterdijk (DE) is a German philosopher.

Lewis Hyde

Lewis Hyde is a poet, essayist, translator, and cultural critic.

Reimar Schefold

Reimar Schefold (NL) is an anthropologist.

Greg J. Smith

Greg J. Smith is a designer and educator.

Marina Grzinic

Marina Grzinic (SI) is a curator and video_artist.

Sandy Stone

Sandy Stone (US) is a performer-theorist: "I'm not a professor, but I play one on TV."

Nik Gaffney

Nik Gaffney (BE/AU) is a systems and media researcher, and a founding member of FoAM in Brussels.

Sebastian Frisch

Freelance project manager at V2_ Lab.

Femke Herregraven

Femke Herregraven is an artist who explores which new material base, geographies and value systems contemporary financial technologies and infrastructures ...

Melissa Gregg

Melissa Gregg is an entographer and researcher at Intel Corporation.

Willem Schinkel

Willem Schinkel is Professor of Social Theory at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Wendy Steiner

Wendy Steiner (US) is Richard L. Fisher Professor of English, cultural critic and founding director of the Penn Humanities Forum.

Katarina Petrovic

Katarina Petrovic is an artist and researcher working at the intersection of art and sciences.

Frank Kresin

Frank Kresin (1972) is Managing Director at the DesignLab at the University of Twente.

Bob Ostertag

Bob Ostertag (US) is a sampler-composer.

Gair Dunlop

Gair Dunlop (UK) is a photographer, video maker and "interactive tinkerer."

Otomo Yoshihide

Otomo Yoshihide (JP) is Tokyo's premiere noise DJ.

Jean-Marc Vivenza

Jean-Marc Vivenza (FR) is a philosopher, writer, musicologist.

Steffen Armbruster

Steffen works in the field of immersive spacial media installations.

Marc Trinkhaus

Marc Trinkhaus is a sound designer.

Irina Shapiro

Irina Shapiro (Moscow) lives and works in Rotterdam. Her recent practice combines developing various design projects and educational programs outside and ...

Hiroki Yokoyama

Hiroki Yokoyama is a filmmaker and and designer.

Geoffrey Lillemon

Geoffrey Lillemon explores the romanticism of classical art methods in conjunction with the potential of technology.

Sacha van Tongeren

Sacha van Tongeren (NL) is Project Developer at Waag Society.

Alexander Zeh

Alexander Zeh is a designer.

Sandipan Nath

Sandipan Nath is a designer and researcher.
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