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Focal Camera

The Focal Camera is a work by Mathijs van Oosterhoudt.

uberleben: Survive in Bosnia

An artificial life-work by Nicolas Baginsky.

Construction in Time and Place

Construction in Time and Place is the 2015 Summer Sessions residency research project of Teun Vonk which he developed at Chronus Art Center, Shanghai.


Inter_skin is a 1994 work by Stahl Stenslie. It is a sensual communication link, challenging the concepts of eroticism, adding a missing sense to electronic ...

Push Pull

Push / Pull (2003) is an installation by Edwin van der Heide and Marnix de Nijs.


"The Optic Nerve" by Barry Schwartz, 1991.

Make Belief / Kurt's Brain

"Make Belief / Kurt's Brain" is a feature film project by Captain Video.


Simultaan by Simulated Wood, based on a live recording at V2_ in 1985.


whisper is a collaborative project of Thecla Schiphorst and Susan Kozel.

Interstitial Space Helmet

"Interstitial Space Helmet" (2004) is a work by James Auger and Jimmy Loizeau (UK).

Jekyll and Hyde

"Jekyll and Hyde" (2010) is an augmented reality book by Martin Kovacovsky and Marius Hügli (CH).

USB Organs

"USB Organs" (2010) by Wu Juehui (CN) enhances your sense experiences with USB devices.

Augmented (hyper)Reality

"Augmented (hyper)Reality" (2010) is a 'research-by-design' project by Keiichi Matsuda (JP/UK) that looks at daily life in the near future.

Mediating Mediums

"Mediating Mediums" (2011) presents Greg Tran's (US) thoughts on future applications of 3D and AR in an architectural context.

NGA Experience

"NGA Experience" (2011) is an AR app for museum visits by Tate Strickland (US).


"Sports++" (2011) allows for an enhanced sport experience, by Sander Veenhof (NL).

The Strob-Optical Machine

The Strob-Optical Machine is a work and performance by Bruce McClure.

Die Luft uber dem Toaster

Work by Norbert Schliewe, combining the Nipkow disc and the phonograph.

Bumperband On-line

Bumperband On-line (made by Ed Bezem and Pieter Jongelie) is the title of an installation that was displayed on Notes & Nodes at DEAF96.

Rehearsal of Memory

"Rehearsal of Memory" (1995) is a project by Graham Harwood.

Emotion Hero

Emotion Hero is work by Ruben van de Ven.

Capturing Unstable Media Conceptual Model (CMCM)

The Capturing Unstable Media Conceptual Model (CMCM) is an ontology developed for the Capturing Unstable Media project in 2004.


"TransitGarden2" (2007-2010) by David Hahlbrock is a green intervention project in public space.

The Garden

"The Garden" (1990) is a feature film by Derek Jarman.

Atom Town

"Atom Town: Life After Technology" (2011) is a film by Gair Dunlop.


Makrolab is an autonomous communications and living unit created by Marko Peljhan.

Memory Arena

"Memory Arena" (1999) is an interactive installation and AiR project by Ulrike and David Gabriel.

Ways of Moving: Tango

The piece “Tango for Us Two/Too” is the result of an investigation on the current practice of Tango, and an opportunity to revisit its underlying codes, ...

Web Spaces

Jip de Beer's Web Spaces is an ongoing investigation into the structure of web pages.

Trojan Offices

'Trojan Offices' is an installation by Dries Depoorter that explores the beauty and complexity of technology, and provides a glimpse into unsuspecting ...
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