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Sue van Geijn

DEAF 12 | Volunteer / Intern for Education

Richard Bierhuizen

Production/Sound at V2_

Aaron Williamson

Aaron Williamson (GB) is a choreographer, writer and performance artist.

Siuli Ko

Festival producer DEAF2012

Suzanne Kluever

DEAF12 | Educational Producer

Brigit Lichtenegger

Brigit Lichtenegger (NL) is a new media artist, programmer, researcher, curator and machinimatographer.

Brian Duffy

Brian Duffy (GB) is a sound artist and creator of the Modified Toy Orchestra.

Stephen Kovats

Stephen Kovats (CA) was artistic director of transmediale, and has worked for V2_.

Garnet Hertz

Garnet Hertz (CA) is an artist.

Stahl Stenslie

Stahl Stenslie (NO) is one of the founders of CyberSex.

Alex Adriaansens

Founder of V2_

Marcus Kirsch

Marcus Kirsch (DE/UK) is a technoartist, new media designer and programmer, who connects physical and digital space.

Bill Vorn

Bill Vorn (CA) is an artist in the field of robotics.

Alexei Shulgin

Alexei Shulgin (RU) is an artist, curator, theorist, and musician.

Graham Smith

Graham Smith (CA/NL) is an artist and inventor.

Tom Tlalim

Tom Tlalim is a composer, musician and conceptual artist.

Sadie Plant

Sadie Plant (UK) is an author and philosopher.
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