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konsum.net by mamax was in 1996 a server for art projects.

Paolo Cirio

Paolo Cirio is a programmer and media artist.

Jennifer Crowe

Jennifer Crowe (US) is a net.art curator

Josephine Bosma

Josephine Bosma (NL) is a writer and critic on net art.

Robert Sakrowski

Robert Sakrowski is an art historian, artist and curator.

Artistic possibilities of the Internet

A workshop about the artistic possibilities of the Internet, Russian net.art and possible applications of teleconferencing.

Olia Lialina

Olia Lialina (RU) is a pioneer net.artist and theorist.


Lia (AT) is a software artist.


InterSpace is an independent New Media Art Center in Sofia.


0100101110101101.org is the net.art collective started by Eva and Franco Mattes.

Acoustic Space #3

Launch of the third issue during DEAF00.

Rasa Smite

Rasa Smite (LV) is a media artist, organiser and net activist.

Heath Bunting

Heath Bunting (GB) is an early net.artist, proclaiming genetics it to be the next "new media."


UBERMORGEN.COM is an artist duo created in Vienna by Lizvlx and Hans Bernhard, founder of etoy.

Michiel Koelink

Michiel Koelink is a Dutch media artist.

Raitis Smits

Raitis Smits (LV) is a media artist, organiser and net activist.

Margarete Jahrmann

Margarete Jahrmann (AT) is an artist and researcher.

Media Art Meetup IV: Net Art

V2_Lab for the Unstable Media presents a crash course in the field of Art & Media Technology. Four meetups give a comprehensive overview of the field; its ...

Rudolf Frieling

Rudolf Frieling (DE) is a media arts curator.

Petja Ivanova

Petja Ivanova is an artist based in Berlin.

Vuk Cosic

Vuk Ćosić (SI) is a net.artist known for his ASCII works.

Philipp Lammer

Philipp Lammer (AT) is permanently studying digital arts.

Alexei Shulgin

Alexei Shulgin (RU) is an artist, curator, theorist, and musician.

Thomson & Craighead

Thomson & Craighead is the British artist duo of Jon Thomson & Alison Craighead.

Putting artists on-line

A short article by Alexei Shulgin on Russian net.art (1996).

Luka Frelih

Luka Frelih (SI) is an artist working with computers and networks.

Tagny Duff

Tagny Duff (CA) is an interdisciplinary artist and the founder/director of Fluxmedia.

Annick Bureaud

Annick Bureaud (FR) is a critic.

Wiretap 7.09 - Wireless Taps and Short Wave Commotions

With Rasa Smite (LV), Robert Adrian (CDN/A), Derek Holzer (USA/NL) and Nik Gaffney (B/AUS).

David Hahlbrock

David Hahlbrock (DE) makes artistic interventions in urban settings.
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