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Video World Skin

Short documentation

3rd I Animation

Artist impression by Maarten Rens of the robot journey through the miniature utopian city in Shanghai.

Dia Project

Dia-Project was an installation by Alexandro Aiello, shown at V2_ on 13 September 1987.

Summer Sessions Videos 2018

Short video interviews with all the artists that did a Summer Sessions residency at V2_ in 2018.


Small booklet with texts introducing the Manifesto Exhibition, includes several manifesto's.

Videopresentatie II

With works by Diamanda Galas, William Burroughs, Mark Pauline (SRL) and Javier Cinca with video presentations by S.T.I from Spain.

All Aspects of Destroyed Music

This event was based on the work of conceptual artist G.X. Jupitter-Larsen (The Haters).

Videopresentatie III

Presentation evening with videos by artists and video centers.

Z.T and Dying Swan

A film and a video by Alex Adriaansens, both shown at V2 on March 22nd 1985.

En la frontera

V2_ and Vivenza presented the installation "Movimiento-Tiempo-Espacio" during this festival.

Sprung aus den Wolken

Event at V2, with music, an exhibition and videos.


An essay by Margarete Jahrmann, 2002
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