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A Crash Course in Art & Media Technology - Exploring the Impact of Media Art on the Performing Arts

An annual series of events specifically curated to introduce the exciting crossover domain between art, technology, science, and society to those not yet ...

Tiny Mining, a Handbook for Internal Extraction

A mineral exploration co-operative and community committed to the open source exploitation of the interior of the human body for rare earth and other mineral ...

Aaron Parkhurst

Aaron Parkhurst is a senior lecturer in Medical and Biosocial Anthropology at University College London (UCL).

Ines Tomasek

Ines Tomašek is a medical geologist and volcanologist

Cheering for others makes you a leader

Cheering for others makes you a leader (2016) is work by Cathy van Eck.

Cathy van Eck

Cathy van Eck (1979 Belgium/Netherlands) is a composer, sound artist, and researcher in the arts.

Summer Sessions alumni at Prospects Rotterdam Art Week

During Rotterdam Art Week, the exhibition Prospects in the Van Nelle shows works by several Summer Sessions alumni.

Hybrid: Media Technology MSc Exhibition

This year’s exhibition project of Leiden University’s Media Technology MSc programme with the theme Hybrid.

Cocky Eek

Cocky Eek is a spatial artist/designer.

Carla Chan

Carla Chan is a media artist.

V2_ at ISEA

V2_ will be present at this year's ISEA in Barcelona.

Station de Stroming

Station de Stroming is a nomadic web radio station, conceived by slvi.e

Kamali van Bochove

Kamali van Bochove is a filmmaker and photographer.

THIS IS US A story of those, them, me and we, LOOK A LIKE LUC A LIKE, SMALL THINGS MATTER.

For her graduation in 2022 Luca Tichelman made three works: THIS IS US A story of those, them, me and we, LOOK A LIKE / LUC A LIKE and SMALL THINGS MATTER.

Adele Gregoire

Adèle is a audiovisual artist from Brussels, Belgium.

Of all places, the best nights were found in the garden of old ladies

"Of all places, the best nights were found in the garden of old ladies" is an installation by Adèle Grégoire.

Martin Osowski

Martin Osowski (1998) is an artist, filmmaker, and writer with a background in Aerospace Engineering and Lens-Based Media.

Will Thy Kingdoms Not Persist?

Will Thy Kingdoms Not Persist? is a film by Martin Osowski.

Ariela Bergman

Ariela Bergman is an audiovisual artist based in The Netherlands.

Does the Sun Shine in Argentina?

Does the Sun Shine in Argentina? (2022) is CGI musical biopic by Ariela Bergman.

Geo Barcan

Geo Barcan (1997) is a Romanian visual artist and writer.

Images without Worlds

Images without Worlds is a series of photos by Sacha Dufils.

Tessel Schmidt

Tessel Schmidt is a video artist who stages scenes from everyday life.

The In Between

The In Between (2022) is a single screen projection made by Tessel Schmidt.

Dachen Bao

Dachen Bao is a visual artist, writer, and filmmaker based in Rotterdam and Chongqing, China.

Further developments of Raumklang

The next iteration of Raumklang is featured at Gardening

Mosquito Project Developments

The Ponies taught a six-week workshop for students from the Fine Arts department at ArtEZ, working with the mosquito.

Museumnacht010 at V2_

During the Museumnacht we are pleased to present ‘Was There a Paradise, or Was the Garden a Dream?', the graduation show of the Master of the Media Design & ...
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