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Work in Progress

"Work in Progress" was the cultural event day of the "Practice to Policy" conference.

P2P Symposium

Symposium in the framework of the "From Practice to Policy" conference.

Book Launch Artonauten Photos

Photos by Gustavo Velho.

Zoro Feigl wins the Witteveen+Bos Art+Technology Award 2018

Kinetic artist Zoro Feigl has won the Witteveen+Bos Art+Technology Award 2018. His solo exhibition at the Bergkerk in Deventer, the Netherlands, opens on 1 ...

Test_Lab: Artists on AI

Test_Lab: Artists on AI will showcase artistic research by artists and designers who are collaborating with V2_Lab on projects involving artificial ...

In Defence of Serendipity Photos

All photos by Gustavo Velho


Rib is a space for art in Rotterdam, where the interplay between different forms and formats informs a layered and extradisciplinary programme.

Playing Data Night

During 'Playing Data Night' at DEAF03 (2003). Photos by Jan Sprij.

whisper documentation

During 'whisper' at DEAF03 (2003). Photos by Jan Sprij.

DEAF03 Symposium day 1 documentation

During the first day of DEAF03 Symposium. Photos by Jan Sprij.

Interview with Sebastian Frisch about SPASM 4 Live development

Sebastian Frisch spent a few months in 2011 working on SPASM, V2_’s Spatial Audio Mixer, in the V2_Lab. After completing two theses on spatial audio in virtual ...

Open Systems documentation

During 'Open Systems' seminar (2003). Photos by Jan Sprij.

Anarchives: Connection-machines documentation

During the conference 'Anarchives: Connection-machines' (2002). Photos by Jan Spij.

Mapping Your Creative Territory documentation

During 'Mapping Your Creative Territory' (2002).

Metadating the Image documentation

During the masterclass 'Metadating the Image' (2002).

BOX 30/70 documentation

Documentation of the 'BOX 30/70' at Rotterdam (2002). Photos by Jan Sprij.

Portrait Series documentation

pictures by Jan Sprij and the artist

Wiretap 7.03 documentation

During 'Wiretap 7.03' (2001). Photos by Jan Sprij.

Wiretap 7.09 Documentation

During 'Wiretap 7.09' (2001). Photos by Jan Sprij.

DEAF_00 Digital Dive presentation doc

During 'DEAF_00 Digital Dive' case studies presentation. (2000).

The Evening of... Sara Diamond documentation

During the 'The Evening of... Sara Diamond' at DEAF_00 (2000).

The Evening of... Woody Vasulka documentation

During 'The Evening of ... Woody Vasulka' at DEAF_00 (2000).

YES, WE HAVE NO NORIT documentation

During 'YES, WE HAVE NO NORIT' performance at DEAF_00 (2000).
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