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Muslim Gauze

Muslimgauze was a music project of Bryn Jones (1961–1999).

Stadswandeling documentation

all pictures by Jan Sprij

Lezingen documentatie

all pictures by Jan Sprij

Frieder Butzman

Frieder Butzman (DE) is an artist.

EMB Reader

The reader of the Electromagnetic Bodies event in 2006.

Electromagnetic Bodies Documentation

Electromagnetic Bodies; photos: Jan Sprij and the artists

Charley Hooker

Charley Hooker (GB) is a performance and installation artist.

Gottfried Hattinger

Gottfried Hattinger (AT) is an independent curator.

Mario Marzidovshek

Mario Marzidovshek (YU) (1961-2011) was an experimental noise artist.

Bernd Kastner

Bernd Kastner (D) is an artist and sculptor.

Le Syndicat

Le Syndicat is a French bruitist group (and cassette label) started in 1982.

Monteur Verlag

Monteur Verlag was the Dutch label of Fredie Beckmans and Yntse Vugts.

Snaarinstallatie documentatie

all picture by Jan Sprij

Rooking documentation

all pictures by Jan Sprij

nato.0+55 documentation

During 'nato.0+55' at DEAF_00 (2000).

Wiretap 5.04 - Wearable Technologies doc

During 'Wiretap 5.04 - Wearable Technologies' (1999). Photos by Jan Sprij.

Wiretap 5.07 - Tekkie Therapy documentation

During 'Wiretap 5.07 - Tekkie Therapy' (1999). Photos by Jan Sprij.

Wiretap 5.07 - Tekkie Therapy b&w documentation

During 'Wiretap 5.07 - Tekkie Therapy documentation' (1999). Photos by Jan Sprij.

Wiretap 5.04 - Wearable Technologies b&w doc

During 'Wiretap 5.04 - Wearable Technologies doc' (1999). Photos by Jan Sprij.

Po-Ting Lee

Po-Ting Lee / 李 柏廷 (TW) is a new media artist.

Opening V2_Store

During the opening of V2_Store (1999).

Vote-Counter App for The People Speak

Although at the recent Dutch elections all voting computers where banned because of possible fraud, “The People Speak” asked V2_Lab to develop a Vote-Couter ...

Permanent Breakfast

the continually ongoing breakfast in the open space


0100101110101101.org is the net.art collective started by Eva and Franco Mattes.
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