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The Limejuice Mystery

The Limejuice Mystery (2016) is a work by Solange Frankort

Inari Wishiki

Inari Wishiki is a Japanese artist.

Sebastian Pasquel

Sebastian Pasquel is an artist.

Siri Borge

Siri Borge is a Norwegian artist.

Susana Sanches

Susana Sanches (PT) is an artist.

3x3 Joana Chicau I Photos

Photos of 3x3 Joana Chicau, 1 February 2019.

Spela Petric

Špela Petrič is a Slovenian new media artist and former scientific researcher.

3X3: The Three of Jodi III

Artist duo Jodi will create three new experiments in our 3x3 series. This is their final 3x3 instalment.

3x3: The Three of Driessens & Verstappen I

Artist duo Driessens & Verstappen will create three new experiments in our 3x3 series. This is their first 3x3 experiment.

Rib @ V2_: A Fuzzy Logic Lecture

V2_invites Rib and Matthew Kneebone for 'Curse of the Walking Techbane: A Fuzzy Logic Lecture.'

Skank @ V2_: Pirate Mentality & Open Mic Grime set

And evening dedicated to Bass Music. We will see a documentary, host an open mic and dance to live dj sets.

The Arts Catalyst

The Arts Catalyst is a British science-art agency.

Workshop Beta Textiles: stof en code

V2_ en Waag Society organiseren een workshop waarin experimenten met textiel, code en Open Source principes centraal staan. Een dag voor textielontwerpers, ...

Shelley Cook

Shelley Cook (US) is interdisciplinary artist/activist.


HATERS TV - The Haters mastering gravity.


Dissecting Table - "Between Life and Death," CD, 1990.

Transpermia/Project Dedalus

Performance by Marcel-lí Antúnez Roca in a dynamic robotics event inspired by his MIR flights. 2003.

Keith Piper

Keith Piper (GB) is an artist, curator, researcher and academic.

Gerald van der Kaap

Gerald van der Kaap (NL) is an artist.

Bastiaan Maris

Bastiaan Maris (NL/D) is a pyro-acoustic artist.

Brad Hwang

Brad Hwang (US/KR) reconstructs cultural artefacts of a culture that never existed.

The Vibrancy Effect

(e-Book) What are the ethical, aesthetic and political stakes in understanding a world view in which humans are no longer at the centre?

MIR - Micro Gravity Seminar Reader

Reader for the participants of the two-day seminar of the Microgravity Interdisciplinary Research project, held during the Architectuur Biënnale 2003.


P.A.R.K. 4DTV broadcasts art.

Interview with Cecilia Jonsson, the artist who extracts iron from invasive weeds

Interview with Cecilia Jonsson by Régine Debatty, April 2015. Published on We Make Money not Art.
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