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B-hind Interface Presentation Photos

Photos of Dani Ploeger's presentation of his B-hind interface at V2_Lab for the Unstable Media. Photos by Fenna de Jong.

A Ghostly Life

A Ghostly Life (2019) is a work by Minke Nouwens, developed during a Summer Sessions residency in 2019.

Minke Nouwens: A Ghostly Life

Photos of Minke Nouwens' work A Ghostly Life (2019)

Liquid Video

Liquid Video (2019) is work by Helmut Smits.

Tiny Mining Sweatshop (Postponed)

An expert meeting led by Martin Howse, as part of The Alex Adriaansens Residency. (This is a closed meeting; participation on invitation).

Dani Ploeger's B-HIND press coverage

Press coverage of Dani Ploeger's project B-Hind.


B-hind (2020) is a work by Dani Ploeger.

Museum Night 010 Photos

Photos of Driessens & Verstappen's installation Pareidolia, which was exhibited at V2_ during the 2020 Museum Night010.

Art Coded for Hard Times

Review of the We=Link online exhibition, published in Ocula.
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