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A project by Jos Smolders.


"StalkShow" (2003) a public space project by Karen Lancel.

Playing with the City

A report by Yvette van Nierop, about the "The City is You and Me" event, which took place during the IFFR 2003.

IFFR at V2_: Pan-African Cinema Lounge

From 25 January till 3 February V2_ will host an exciting program during the International Film Festival Rotterdam.

Open call STARTS Prize 2018

20,000 euros await the winners of the STARTS Prize 2018.

The Nest Collective

The Nest Collective is a multidisciplinary arts collective living and working in Nairobi.

Let this be a Warning

Let This Be a Warning is a short VR-film by The Nest Collective (Kenya).

Spirit Robot

Spirit Robot is a VR-work by Jonathan Dotse (Ghana).

The Other Dakar

The Other Dakar is a VR-film by Selly Raby Kane.

Paul Garrin

Paul Garrin (US) is a video artist and activist.

The Mouthpiece

"The Mouthpiece" (1994) is an interactive installation by Krzysztof Wodiczko.


"MediaFilter" (1995-) by Paul Garrin is a social critique webproject and multimediatic online environment.

Data Knitting

An essay by Arjen Mulder, 2002

Vampires and Archives

An email conversation with Anne Nigten and Michael Punt, 2002.

The Semantic Gap

Words and images: an essay by Ben Schouten, 2002


An essay by Marko Peljhan and Carsten Nicolai on the project "Polar", 2002


In "polar" by Marko Peljhan and Carsten Nicolai, each participant is expected to individually investigate the unknown and seamless environment by relating to ...


An essay by Margarete Jahrmann, 2002

The Sleeping Giant

Content-based image retrieval: an essay by Arnold Smeulders, 2000

Felix Hahn

Felix Hahn (DE) is a internet-based media artist and system developer.

Miki Yui

Miki Yui (JP/DE) is a sound/installation artist, researching 'small sounds' at the limits of our perception.

SPASM for Live beta

An integrated Spatial Audio solution for Ableton Live, developed by Sebastian Frisch and V2_Lab.


"Promenade" (2000) is a software project by Zoltán Szegedy-Maszák and Márton Fernezelyi.


"Scanned" (2000) is a work by Christian Ziegler.


The MATRIX is a collection of software tools, created by Ars Electronica Futurelab and presented at V2_ Creative Kernels in 2000.
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